Vocabulary Words – 3.24.09

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  1. diatribe: a bitter verbal attack.
  2. veracity: truth, truthfulness.
  3. pithy: concise and forceful in description.
  4. spoonerism: the transposition of usually initial sounds in a pair of words.
  5. thaumaturgy: the performing of miracles or magic.

Vocabulary words – 3.10.09

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Aghast- Filled with amazement, disgust, fear, or terror

Ample- more than enough, large, spacious

Jurisdiction- an area of authority or control; the right to administer justice

Proximity- nearness, closeness

Emissary- a reprisentative sent on a mission or an errand. (like Itachi)

Vocabulary Words – 3.3.09

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emolument: the wages or perquisites arising from office, employment, or labor.


palindrome: a word, verse, phrase, or sentence that reads the same backward or forward.

depriciate: to disapprove of; also, to belittle.

bivouac: a usually temporary encampment; also, to encamp.

umbrage: offense; resentment.

Cacti Eating Cows…

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I would avoid getting licked by a cow in arid areas (I don’t want to be pinhead). Lately, cows in arid areas started consuming the Prickly Pear Cactus. Prickly Pear Cacti are really invasive plants that invade really arid areas. The cows are actually restoring the land by eating these cacti. The RAE (Rehabilitation of Arid Environments) researched and studied this strange behaveior and found out that the cows not only eat the cacti, but also tell their cow friends to try it, too!



Nata Primary School AIDS Talk

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On February 4, Peter Martinez was invited to teach the students in Nata Primary School Class Seven about AIDS and the HIV virus. The discussion went very swimmingly other than the children being shy and not wanting to ask questions or commenting about the facts. Don’t we all just get nervous? The children really enjoyed their time with Peter and they asked him if he was able to come again and attend their English Club where he will help them with any problems in English or their homework.

Kenewang Rancholo was Peter’s assistant. His job was to give extra explination to students who did not understand  Peter. Both Peter and Kenewang will come back the following week to explain what are STDs, sexually transmitted deseases, and STIs, sexually transmitted infections.

Why has the US Constitution been in effect for a long time now?

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The US Constitution has been effective for years for 3 reasons. First of all, the Constitution is very strong and thorough. It is also supported by reasonable facts. Second, the US Constitution has no loopholes. You can try to look for a way to beat the law, but you will never win. Lastly, the constitution is fair. It has rights for everyone. Everybody has the same privileges and restrictions. These were just my opinions, others may see the US Constitution differently.

No Child Left Behind At Nata Village

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    Nata Primary School has no problem with accepting new young students. Due to the growing population, more and more children are enrolling in the Nata Primary School. Teachers and Staff are making sure that absolutely no child is left behind that they made classrooms outside. They understand that education is very important to these children so in the future, thay can get good jobs.


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